Why isn’t 4D lottery gambling?

Playing 4d live lottery isn’t considered gambling because there is no technicality involved in the game.You simply buy a ticket and wait for the results that are declared on a specific day and time. In casino games, you get instant results. For example, take slots that are computer games. A game of slot lasts only for a couple of minutes.

4d result live can be seen on websites and there are many sites that display lottery results.Winners have to claim their money by showing their documents including the tickets. They are asked to submit their claims to the lottery company office for transfer of funds. But in casino games, the winnings are transferred in gambling account sat the conclusion.

Factors that differentiate between a lottery and casino games

1# Timely results

Lottery tickets are available online and they can be bought anytime from any source. You can buy your lucky ticket from a dedicated booth of a lottery company or from an online casino that is authorized to sell lottery tickets. But you have to wait for the results as the draw is held on a specific day and time.

2# Multiple winners

Unlike casino games like poker, blackjack and baccarat, the lottery has multiple winners. Online slots have multiple winning lines and roulette also have multiple winners but in a lottery, winners are structured into No. 1, 2 and 3 and on. Also, there are consolation prices but no casino game offers consolation prices.

3# Ease of playing

A lottery isn’t gambling because you don’t need a facility to play this number game. You don’t access traditional casino and nor do you become member of an online club for playing a lottery. You can buy a ticket on your phone or tablet and wait for the result declaration. It can be said that lottery is more time saving than online casino games.

4# Legal status

It is surprising to know that lottery is legal in most countries but casino is legal in fewer countries. You could be allowed to play lottery in your country but there is doubt whether your state government considers casino games legal.

5# Investment

Lottery is the most affordable game to play. It is cheap. You would never run out of money while playing lottery as you don’t need dollars to buy a ticket. Also, the lottery winnings could be more than the winnings of a casino game.

Who can play lottery?

In Singapore, it isn’t surprising to see an octogenarian scrolling 4d result live with a youngster. You can easily buy a lottery ticket, if you are an adult. And you don’t need going anywhere to buy a ticket. It is available on the web and you can buy it by making payment through your credit card.

Buying a lottery ticket needs no calculation or technical knowledge. You only need choosing a ticket 4d liveand it’s done. It is your lucky number that could make you millionaire on the winning day.




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